The IKR Simulation Library is an object-oriented class library for event-driven simulation implemented in JAVA. Primarily, it has been designed for powerful support of performance evaluation of communication networks. However, due to its inherent flexibility it has also been applied to assess software system performance or statistically evaluate traffic measurement traces.

Special emphasis is put on statistical analysis considering statistical significance. Therefore, a variety of sophisticated ready-to-use statistics and meters are available. This allows to directly obtain performance values instead of large trace files. Together with a large collection of continuous and discrete disctributions, this provides a powerful toolbox for the evaluation of many different types of models.

The IKR Simulation Library contains many basic components to simplify the modeling of queueing networks and communication networks, such as queues or servers. Moreover, packages containing more complex components, e.g. a TCP implementation and various packet scheduler models, have been developed on top of the library.

Key features and principle structure

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