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Institute of Communication Networks and Computer Engineering (IKR)

Capacity Sharing Workshop (CSWS): October 13, 2011 in Stuttgart

Capacity Sharing Workshop

Stuttgart, Germany, October 13, 2011
University of Stuttgart, Germany
Organized by
NEC Laboratories Europe   Uni Stuttgart
In Cooperation with
G-Lab       SAIL EU Project
October 10, 2011:  Room change to V 47.05 (same building; room will be signposted)
October 05, 2011:  Organization for Social Event is now completed. Restaurants are announced.
September 16, 2011:  Registration is now closed.
August 31, 2011:  Social Event on the evening before the workshop at the Mercedes-Benz Museum.
August 16, 2011:  Registration is open now.
August 16, 2011:  Program is online now.
July 14, 2011:  Deadline extension until August 1, 2011.
May 03, 2011:  Call for Contribution is online.
With the increasing amount of IP traffic in fixed and mobile access networks, the question how to share the available resources in a fair, efficient and demand-oriented way becomes more and more prevalent. With the variety of services one can find in today?s Internet, the requirements in rate, data volume and latency differ strongly. To maximize resource utilization and, at the same time, provide satisfying performance to all users, application layer knowledge is needed. As different resource allocation and adaptation mechanisms already exist in MAC, transport and application layer, an integral consideration of the problem space is required.
In wireless networks, the problem is particularly relevant due to the inherently limited resources, which render a simple "throwing bandwidth at the problem" solution impossible. Because large over-provisioning factors are economically unfeasibly, similar questions on capacity sharing also arise in fixed access networks, such as high bandwidth passive optical networks or cable networks.
The objective of this workshop is to bring together stakeholders of mobile and fixed access networks, the classic Internet world and of the application and transport community. We solicit presentations on the state-of-the-art, results of ongoing research, open issues, trends and new ideas. We are especially looking forward to (possibly provocative) visionary presentations to foster a lively discussion about how to face the upcoming challenges in the future mobile Internet.
Contact Information
University of Stuttgart
Institute of Communication Networks and Computer Engineering
Pfaffenwaldring 47
70569 Stuttgart
Important dates
Submission Deadline July 15, 2011 August 1, 2011
Registration Deadline September 15, 2011
Workshop Date October 13, 2011
Organizing Committee
Dirk Kutscher, NEC Laboratories Europe, Heidelberg, Germany
Mirja Kühlewind, IKR, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Christian Müller, IKR, University of Stuttgart, Germany
If you have any questions, please contact the organizing committee at .