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Offered Student project topics

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Offered Student project topics

In the table below you find a list of all currently offered student projects (short projects and master thesis projects). In case you can not find a suitable project, please contact Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Meyer, room 1.334 (ETI II) phone 685-67975 , who can give you additional information.

For an extended overview of possible project topics please look at the list of all online projects.

 Bachelor thesis and research thesis projects 

 Master thesis 

974. Transport Network Reconfiguration using Contextual Bandits and Neural Networks

962. Multi-Layer Network Encodings for Genetic Algorithms

958. Performance Analysis of Job-Splitting in Parallelized Systems

948. Modellierung realistischer Szenarien für die Leistungsbewertung von Mobilfunknetzen

882. Integration of Virtual Machines running Windows into a simulation framework