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IKR Simulation Library - Usage in projects


For several years, the IKR Simulation Library has been intensively used in various fields of communications research, e.g. on photonic, IP, ATM, and mobile networks. The following list shows its flexible and successful application in various research projects, including selected publications.

High-speed, photonic networks

Mobile communication networks

TCP/IP and ATM networks

Automotive Networks

IKR SimLib Design


Reference Scenarios for Transport Networks Research

Results of network planning and performance evaluation studies carried out by different research groups are only comparable if they are based on the same or at least similar network scenarios. Therefore, the - MultiTeraNet project partners T-Systems Nova, Marconi ONDATA GmbH and the University of Stuttgart have defined following three different optical transport network reference scenarios.

  • a hypothetical German backbone network
  • a pan-European network defined in European COST 266 project among other networks and denoted as basic network (BN).
  • a US network based on a former NSF network topology which has been used in many studies that have been published over the last couple of years

The reference scenarios are defined in terms of network and traffic parameters. Detailed information on each of the networks including cable length and traffic matrices as well as sample dimensioning results can be found in the appendix.

Document for download (PDF)


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