SFB 627: Nexus
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SFB 627: Nexus
Project A3:

Security, Privacy and Accounting in Context-aware Systems

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. mult. Paul J. Kühn

University of Stuttgart
Institute of Communication Networks and Computer Engineering
Pfaffenwaldring 47
D 70569 Stuttgart

Tel. +49 (0)711 685-8027
Fax +49 (0)711 685-7983


Services and applications relying on the use of comprehensive spatial world models and thus also on the use of personal data affect sensitive private domains and raise therefore far-reaching security and acceptability questions. The involved parties impose different requirements: From the users' point of view it is crucial to protect personal data from unauthorized use. From the point of view of service operators and information providers it is of most interest to ensure the feasibility to account for the use of their services and to protect them against unauthorized access. This research project will therefore investigate solutions for open future service platforms which address these conflictive needs of users, providers and operators. The two identified main topics, security and privacy on the one hand as well as the enabling of accounting on the other hand are intimately connected with respect of content and methods. These topics have to be researched in close cooperation in order to develop multilateral security concepts for context-aware services. The development of technical solution will also identify potential regulatory or legal need for action.

Subject of the first main topic is the enhancement of security and privacy protection mechanisms that have been developed and implemented initially statically in the first funding period. The aim is to construct a security framework that dynamically adapts to the context of the users and to the changing roles of the parties involved. On the one hand, the information in the spatial world model has to be protected, but on the other hand, it should also be possible to use it as input for security mechanisms. Thus, fine-grained, context-aware and trust-dependent access control mechanism are developed in order to protect the model data against unauthorized use. The deployment of distributed reputation systems will ensure that mechanisms and services will remain accessible even if not all involved users, service providers and operators are considered trustworthy or if there is limited cooperation amongst them.

Subject of the second main topic is the development and investigation of system architectures and technical mechanisms that allow for context-aware service accounting. Therefore, session and signaling mechanisms for federated system platforms have to be developed. Based on that, scalable procedures for differentiated usage- and context-dependent accounting will be investigated and integrated into the open system platform developed in the collaborative research center. The objectives are procedures that allow for context information usage accounting, but which provide at the same time an extensive privacy protection for the users.


- Institute of Communication Networks and Computer Engineering    


- Project Head    
 - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. mult. Paul J. Kühn   
- Scientific Staff Members    
 - Andreas Gutscher   
 - Christian Hauser   
 - Michael Scharf