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IKR Simulation Library - Getting the Libraries


Supported platforms

The IKR Simulation Library requires Java 1.7 or later. It can be used with any Linux derivative and other Unix-like systems. Windows may work, but is untested.

For VMSimInt at least Java 1.8 is required. It can only be used with Linux or other Unix-like systems.

How to obtain a copy

We have put the IKR Simulation Library under the GNU LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License). Alternatively you may license IKR Simulation Library under a different (non-free) license. Please contact the IKR for further details.

Currently SimTree is a binary only release. The source code may be provided in the future.

The components of IKR VMSimInt are partly licensed under the GNU GPL and the GNU LGPL. Alternatively you may license IKR VMSimInt under a different (non-free) license.

Latest Versions

Library Latest Version Download Link
IKR SimLib 4.1.1 IKR SimLib 4.1.1
IKR SimLib Example 4.1.0 IKR SimLib Example 4.1.0
IKR SimTree 2.7.0beta16 IKR SimTree 2.7.0beta16
IKR VMSimInt 20160622 IKR VMSimInt 20160622